03 August 2012

Saying Goodbye....kinda....

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by Allenaim Photography.  I'm so glad you have made your way here!

Bad news?  This blog is CLOSING UP SHOP!  Why?  Well...

Good news?  The new website is UP!

Basically, I am down sizing a bit, but upgrading a lot!   Allenaim.blogspot.com is going to stay as it is in case you would like to reference an old post, but I will not be adding anything else to it.  If you want the latest from Allenaim Photography, I invite you to visit ALLENAIM.com where you can find all the information you might need, including downloadable actions, pricing guides, wardrobing guides, the latest featured shoots and contact info.   Future brides will see their photos and their stories uploaded into the 'featured' section and will be able to proof prints directly on the site.  Aren't you excited?  I am!!

If you miss all the blogging, then you need to head to 'A Nest for All Seasons'.  I will slowly start moving over my "for photographers" posts to the Nest and they will join the rest of my tutorials, tips and failed experiments in Food, DIY Design and Modern Garden Living.

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24 July 2012

Henok + Sarah at the Zembo Shrine | Harrisburg Wedding Photographer

Henok and Sarah met in college like any other typical couple, but that is where the typical stops.  Sarah is a beautiful blonde, born in Venezuela and Henok is an Ethiopian with countless brothers and sisters.  They all attended the wedding, traveling from heartland Nebraska and homeland Ethiopia. 

The wedding took place at the Grantham church in central PA and then the party headed to Italian Lake and the Zembo Shrine for the reception.  While snapping photos at Italian Lake, Sarah pulled out a gallon ziploc bag, full to the brim with dried roses.

"Hey Amy -- these are all the roses that Henok gave me while we were dating.  Do you think we could throw them in the air or something?

Umm - yes?!

Once we headed indoors through the grand staircase of the Zembo Shrine, the party really started.  From fill your own candy bags and dancing that pushed the tables out of the way, this reception was full of life and entertainment.

The wedding was beautiful and seemed high ticket from the outside, but once Sarah started sharing her secrets, I started to realize that she had been able to save pennies all over the place.  That gorgeous dress with the mile long train?  $20 at Salvation Army.  Those amazing flower arrangements?  Those were done by a friend.  From start to finish, details were beautifully done and brilliantly executed, but they didn't ALL cost an arm and a leg.  This wedding was all about the ceremony, the family, the fun and I was honored to be a part!

14 June 2012

Jason + Casey | Harrisburg Wedding Photographer

This past weekend I was honored to spend the day with Casey, Jason and their families.  It's always fun for me as a photographer when the bride goes DIY crazy with the details of the day and Casey went above and BEYOND with her creations.  From the bridesmaid crafted bouquets to the DIY programs with crosswords and word searches (all about Casey + Jason of course!) to sweet tissue pompoms blowing in the breeze like little baubles from ancient trees.

The wedding was held at the New Day Equestrian Center, a therapeutic riding farm where Casey grew up.  Casey's parents run CATRA (Capitol Area Therapeutic Riding Association) and their love for the operation is evident.  From horses to kitties to pups and baby ducklings, the place was full of love and life. 

Casey surrounded herself with five of her childhood friends and from start to finish they were there to do anything needed.  
...and they were fun too...you'll see.....

From start to finish, the day was a celebration and I was so honored to be a part of Casey and Jason's big day!  The fun continued back at Jason and Casey's home , and you will NOT want to miss the DIY amazingness that is Casey.  Come back soon for the rest of the party!

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