03 August 2012

Saying Goodbye....kinda....

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by Allenaim Photography.  I'm so glad you have made your way here!

Bad news?  This blog is CLOSING UP SHOP!  Why?  Well...

Good news?  The new website is UP!

Basically, I am down sizing a bit, but upgrading a lot!   Allenaim.blogspot.com is going to stay as it is in case you would like to reference an old post, but I will not be adding anything else to it.  If you want the latest from Allenaim Photography, I invite you to visit ALLENAIM.com where you can find all the information you might need, including downloadable actions, pricing guides, wardrobing guides, the latest featured shoots and contact info.   Future brides will see their photos and their stories uploaded into the 'featured' section and will be able to proof prints directly on the site.  Aren't you excited?  I am!!

If you miss all the blogging, then you need to head to 'A Nest for All Seasons'.  I will slowly start moving over my "for photographers" posts to the Nest and they will join the rest of my tutorials, tips and failed experiments in Food, DIY Design and Modern Garden Living.

Want to learn more about ALLENAIM PHOTOGRAPHY, book Amy Renea or prepare for your upcoming shoot?  
You need to visit ALLENAIM.COM

Want to read about Food, Photography, DIY Design and Modern Garden Living?  
You need to visit ANestforAllSeasons.com

Want to read more design articles?
You can read all of my design articles right HERE on Houzz.
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